Layer singulation for automatic depalletizing

Due to its space-saving mode of operation, the possibility to move objects in all directions and the flexible control, the celluveyor is ideal for singulating layers in depalletizing applications. Systems available on the market require lot of space and consist of many different components. Due to the mechanical complexity and dimensions, maintenance is very time-consuming and cost-intensive and existing systems cannot be changed after installation without changing the structure of the system. Often these systems also generate a high noise, which makes it more difficult to work permanently next to such a machine.

In contrast to this, the celluveyor offers a simple and fast assembly due to its highly modular design saving up to 95% of the required space for the machine compared to other systems. Even later adaptations or extensions are possible without great effort. Through the intelligent control of the cells, paths of the transported objects can be programmed very quickly. As the system consists only of the electrically driven cells and no further components are required, the maintenance effort is minimal. The cells can be replaced within minutes if needed. The spare parts stock is reduced to a single item – the cell.

You can choose between manual programming analogous to drawing lines on a tablet or fully automatic path programming. Our layer singulation systems are equipped with our AI/vision system.


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< 3m²



4 layer / min


Noise level

< 70 dB(A)


Carton size

Min: 150 x 150 mm
Max: no restriction



No restriction



Fully programable, even after installation



Functionality changeable via software update