Automated singulation: 100 percent higher productivity on 20 percent of the area

New Singulation System from cellumation at LogiMAT 2023

Press release

06. February 2023

At LogiMAT, cellumation will present the cv.SINGULATE, the most compact, low-maintenance and high-performance singulation system in its class. With the start-of-line solution, the manual singulation of package streams (bulks) can be automated economically in a very small area. The cv.SINGULATE requires 80 percent less space than comparable systems and at the same time enables users to double their productivity at the goods receiving area. Small and medium-sized logistics centers benefit from freed-up personnel and space capacities. 

With the cv.SINGULATE, cellumation offers a compact, high-performance singulation system that is perfectly tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized logistics centers. Here, the singulation of a mass flow is usually  manual and therefore time-consuming process. It is not unusual for up to 20 employees to be involved in unloading swap bodies or lattice trucks. Packages are handled individually and must be placed on the inbound conveyor in an orderly manner and one behind the other. Automated conveyor systems can simplify this process considerably. The problem is that conventional automation solutions are expensive, require a lot of space and are maintenance-intensive. The cv.SINGULATE, on the other hand, occupies only 1.2 m2 in the smallest of five variants. This makes the singulation system 80 percent more space-saving than conventional systems in this performance class. Depending on the variant, the throughput of the cv.SINGULATE is between 2,000 and 6,000 packages per hour.

cell of a celluveyor

Increase productivity by 100 percent at the beginning of the funding line

The cv.SINGULATE turns an incoming mass flow into a continuous output flow of individual objects moving one after the other at individually definable minimum distances. These are ideally aligned and oriented. To achieve this, the automated singulator uses modular celluveyor technology in combination with an intelligent vision system. Each package only has to pass through the cv.SINGULATE once. Extra rounds of recirculation, as with conventional singulation systems, are eliminated. In addition, unlike common solutions, the system offers up to two outputs instead of one, allowing a bulk to be singulated on up to two conveyor lines simultaneously. This allows distribution centers to either double their productivity in this area if needed, or to singulate twice the amount of packages in the same area. It also frees up employees to pursue other, value-added activities. “With the cv.SINGULATE, we offer users a custom-fit automation solution for their singulating process. Conventional systems are either oversized and are only suitable for high-performance distribution centers or, by recirculating the packages, unnecessarily consume valuable space that would otherwise be available for other logistics processes. Our system offers operators completely new ways to scale their business and thus fills a gap in the market,” says Dr. Hendrik Thamer, CEO and Co-Founder at cellumation

Construction in a few days

The cv.SINGULATE is based on the celluveyor technology, consisting of robotic cells. Users can choose from five layouts for different throughputs. Once the right variant has been found, the system is currently delivered within just 24 weeks; thanks to plug-and-play, a weekend is all that is needed for integration. The singulating solution is also uncomplicated in terms of maintenance: If necessary, the robot cells can be replaced manually within five minutes.

More information will be available to interested parties at LogiMAT 2023 at booth 3F40 in hall 3.


cellumation develops and builds intelligent modular technologies for automated material flow on a very small footprint. The principle is simple: a hexagonal component the cell is brought to life by intelligent software. The cells can be assembled into any layout, handle complex conveying tasks and transport different goods without changeover times.

The goal is set: In the future, every package delivered worldwide should have touched a cellumation cell. To achieve this goal, 60 employees work, develop, grow and produce hand-in-hand at the Bremen site.

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