celluveyor BULKSORT:

The answer to growing e-commerce and limited logistics space

The celluveyor BULKSORT is the space-saving and powerful automation solution for efficiently starting a machining process.
This celluveyor reliably separates, orients and sorts objects on less than 8 m². It is ideal for CEP service providers and distribution centers where packages arrive chaotically (bulk) and need to be automatically transformed into processable material flows.

Benefits of the celluveyor BULKSORT


The celluveyor BULKSORT achieves throughputs of up to 6,000 packages per hour. It applies digital efficiency and precision to physical object movement. This is the only way to achieve automation with the smallest possible footprint.  


High system availability as well as long component life, intelligent software and simple hardware design are our recipe for reliability. The cells are maintenance-free and belt replacement takes less than 5 minutes per cell. 


Installation and integration are completed in days rather than weeks. The BULKSORT communicates with the environment through simple industrial interfaces and generates the information it requires via a vision and identification system. 

3 processes-in-1: singulating, orienting, sorting on under < 8 m²

The cv.BULKSORT is the solution for an often manual process at the start of a logistics hub and automates what was previously unautomatable in less than eight square meters. It separates, orients and sorts a non-stratified object bulk into an orderly stream. Especially at the start-of-line, it unknots a chaotic bulk, separates the packages and sorts them to the correct exits or delivery routes. In short, we have developed a machine with a small footprint for three processes: singulating, orienting and sorting. The cv.BULKSORT stands on less than 8 square meters and achieves a throughput of up to 6,000 packages per hour. A truly outstanding performance.  

Identifikationssystem Kamera über celluveyor

The BULKSORT’s intelligence comes from a vision and identification system.

On the celluveyor, the parcels are tracked with 3D cameras. The ideal path to the desired exit of the objects is calculated by an artificial intelligence. Our vision system detects a parcel on the wrong track in real time and corrects the position so that the celluveyor moves the parcel to the right destination. We also use an identification system that can recognize barcodes, QR-Codes and labels. Sorting by characteristics (e.g. size or quantity) is also possible.  

Simplicity is the key.

Our technology consists of hexagonal robot cells that can be easily combined to form different layouts. In this way, we can produce any surface from a single component. The software controls the movements. The system’s integration is also simple: we use standard industrial interfaces and have short installation times. A maintenance process takes less than 5 minutes to complete: a screwdriver is required, seven screws are loosened, the cell is removed, the next cell is inserted, the start button is pressed, and the system is ready for use again. 

Parcels per Hour

Square meter

One cell for all tasks

BULKSORT singulation system combined with roller conveyor

In our case, the robots are upside down: the cells create an intelligent driving base on which independently driven omnidirectional wheels guide the packages along the right path.


The vision system is the eye of the BULKSORT. It detects the objects and passes the information on to the cells.


The robot cells are designated with the IP54 degree of protection. Overall, the celluveyor does not have to be kept in a cage, so it is accessible 360 degrees.


A touch display enables simple and intuitive operation of the celluveyor BULKSORT.

Separation of objects

The celluveyor BULKSORT receives a chaotic flow of objects. The individual objects are recognized, organized and separated before being transferred to outgoing conveyors.  

Sorting to several outputs

According to the desired customer logic, the separated objects can be sorted to up to three outputs for downstream processing. 

Camera Feedback

A vision system comprised of several 3D cameras detects the transported objects and provides permanent feedback on their position. Deviations from the expected position can thus be corrected directly resulting in a low reject rate.  

Flexible range of objects

The celluveyor BULKSORT can transport all objects with a flat bottom surface (packages, trays …) and a minimum size of 150mm x 150mm.  

No PLC programming necessary

The celluveyor automatically takes over the entire separating and sorting process.  A simple interface (I/Os, Ethernet, etc.) connects the celluveyor to the higher-level control system. 

Small footprint and low noise level

The celluveyor BULKSORT separates and sorts objects in a space-saving manner in less than 8m². It is a toothless tiger that can be kept outside a cage and operated without hearing protection due to low noise emissions of <70dB. 

Applications of the celluveyor BULKSORT 

Courier, express and parcel delivery 

The celluveyor BULKSORT is currently used primarily in the CEP sector.  Here, many different parcels and packages have to be separated from each other at the beginning of the distribution centers and put on the right lanes. Especially considering the high average growth rates in parcel volumes per year, the automation of these processes is indispensable. Since the start of the Covid19 pandemic, the distribution centres have been constantly in a pre-Christmas mood. The load limits have often been reached. In addition, the parcel volume is expected to increase once again from the current 4-4.2 billion parcels to around 6 to 6.7 billion parcels in 2026. With the BULKSORT, we are thus offering the automation of a core process on a very small footprint  to further enhance performance and sorting quality in the future. 

Icon Parcel on Screen
Parcel moves in 3 directions

Loose Load Container Unloading

There are currently 38 million containers in circulation worldwide. Many of these containers contain general cargo that is not transported on pallets. In addition, different products often share a container in order to make efficient use of the freight area. The BULKSORT facilitates processing and can also sort and separate different goods from a container automatically.  As a result, the BULKSORT adds significant value to international trade.

celluveyor BULKSORT in action


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Is the BULKSORT the machine you’ve always been looking for? Can’t wait to find out if the BULKSORT is right for you? 

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