Intelligent conveyor technology for production and logistics

Based on the patented celluveyor technology, cellumation offers powerful automation solutions for material flow systems in intralogistics.



Omnidirectional movements enables efficient material flow, at up to 1.15 m/s.



5 hexagonal cells are sufficient to provide a multitude of complex material flow movements.



The flexible arrangement of identical cells creates unlimited layout possibilities and extensions.


Quickly integrated

We integrate in a few days, not weeks.

We make You move Our Mission

Our goal is to push the boundaries of what has been technically possible until now to a new, more efficient level. With our high-performance and universally applicable celluveyor technology we are revolutionising the world of conveyor technology and helping to optimise the material flow. Our vision:
In the future, every package delivered worldwide will have touched a celluveyor cell.


What is the celluveyor​

“cellular conveyor”

The idea behind the celluveyor is a modular conveying and positioning system that is fundamentally based on a single component – the cell. The hexagonal design of the hardware module promises flexible layout options. In combination with the three omnidirectional and independently driven wheels per cell, complex material flow movements are possible with minimal space requirements. For this purpose, our intelligent and self-learning software brings the cells to life and individually controls the wheels, so that objects can be aligned or even rotated as desired. The principle is simple: The hardware remains the same, the software defines the function.



Our product names combine the hardware with the software. “cv.” is the abbreviation for celluveyor and with the appropriate software we create products for a wide range of applications.


Separate any pallet layers automatically, on less than 3 square meters and on up to three exits.


The all-rounder for your conveying system: corner transfer, rotation, curve travel, diverting – precise & fast.


From small turnouts to large sortation solutions, the cv.SORT can be scaled to any size & allows for high throughput, with automated alignment of the conveyed material.


The cv.SINGULATE allows complete separation and at the same time perfect orientation on 3 to 5 sqm in five different versions.                                              

Latest projects

celluveyor Sorter at DHL

cv.SORT at DHL

Sorting, rotating and aligning on less than 3 m². Together with FS Solutions, cellumation has integrated a high-performance sorting solution at the DHL Logistik Center Greven, which has enabled a significant increase in throughput.

cv.SORT at Verdnatura

cv.SORT at Verdnatura

428 cells, 11 meters, 10 synchronized cameras and 34 bidirectional buffers.
As a key component of the warehouse automation, a celluveyor XXL sorts and sequences all orders, for optimal palletizing.

CMILE Project at Gruenfuchs Logistik Germany

CMILE – Last Mile

Space-saving sorting in the Microhub, ensures less CO² emissions on the last mile. Together with Grünfuchs, we were able to successfully realise the pilot project.
This required a combination of our systems.

Together we are revolutionizing the world of materials handling

Together we are revolutionizing the world of materials handling

Together we are revolutionizing the world of materials handling

What our clients say

“The celluveyor is compact and powerful. On an area of only 2.7 m², it reliably conveys and distributes parcels without congestion.”

Martin Schäfer

Managing Director, FS Solutions (Partner - DHL Project)

The celluveyor GO offers our customers enormous flexibility and thus great savings potential.”                                                                 

Juan Vicente Sanchis

Managing Director, Vector Conveyors (Partner - Verdnatura Project)

“The celluveyor delivers high distribution and sorting performance in the tightest of spaces – even at our plant in Hungary. It’s always great to see how our own technology helps to improve our own flow of goods in logistics. As a manufacturer, we benefit directly from the performance of our 3D Time-Off-Flight cameras in the celluveyor. It’s a real win-win situation.”

Laszlo Varga

Head of Supply Chain Management | Global Supply, SICK

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