We convey the future.

Our goal

In the future, every package delivered worldwide will have touched a celluveyor cell.  

We are cellumation and our robots are upside down. Why should a robot move when it can also turn passengers when turned upside down while creating a surface with its wheels? That was the brilliant idea our founders Claudio Uriarte and Dr. Hendrik Thamer came up with at a robot football match.  

A company was born of this idea in 2017, and today we are all convinced that the power of beautiful and disruptive engineering can lead to a new and better efficient level of technological development. It energizes us when someone tells us that something cannot be done because it has always been done differently in the past.  

With this mindset, we develop and sell industry-changing products and services for the intralogistics of the future. We offer solutions for processes that could not previously be automated, allowing us to design the efficient, flexible and space-saving flow of goods of the future.

Founder Team cellumation

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Claudio Uriarte and Dr. Hendrik Thamer met while working at the research institute BIBA – Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH at the University of Bremen. There, they both gained valuable experience in the development of innovative production and logistics solutions. Ivan Kuznetsov joined the team as an electrical engineering specialist early on. Since then, they have shaped the work at cellumation.

We make You move

Hendrik Thamer CEO Founder cellumation
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Dr. Hendrik Thamer | Co-Founder & CEO

Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Thamer earned his PhD in Artificial Intelligence in Logistics Automation while serving as Head of Department for Robotics and Automation at the University of Bremen’s BIBA – Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH, where he was in charge of an interdisciplinary and international development department. He has gained experience in the areas of project acquisition and management of applied research and development projects in various positions as a trained computer scientist and business economist. He was also in charge of the department’s strategic direction at BIBA.

Hendrik’s Superpowers: Overview, structure, and strategy.

Claudio Uriarte CTO Founder bei cellumation
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Claudio Uriarte | Co-Founder & CTO

Claudio Uriarte studied mechanical engineering at the Universidad de Chile and the Technische Universität Berlin. He also pursued additional studies at the Fernuniversität Hagen to become a patent engineer. He has led development teams, developed numerous innovative solutions, and registered over 15 international patents in his over 12 years in the field of automation technology and logistics.  

He now brings to cellumation GmbH his many years of experience as well as his drive for innovation in technical development. 

Claudio’s Superpowers: ingenuity and technical X-ray vision. 

Ivan Kuznetsov Founder cellumation
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Ivan Kuznetsov | Co-Founder & Head of Electronics

Ivan joined the cellumation team early on as a co-founder through his work at the BIBA – Institute of the University of Bremen. After studying engineering in the field of automation at one of the largest Russian universities in Khabarovsk (Russia), various work stations, and a Master of Science at the University of Bremen. He is in charge of the development of electrics and electronics, as well as the celluveyor’s control system. 

Ivan’s Superpowers: sensitivity and system control.

The cellu-Story


Following the initial idea, the first celluveyor patent was filed this year.


April: The founders were assisted in the early stages of their research project by an EXIST start-up grant.


cellumation received the DHL Innovation Award prior to its foundation and was invited to exhibit the celluveyor in the DHL Innovation Center.


May: Foundation of cellumation GmbH


December: Entry of our seed investor Vector Conveyors.


April: First celluveyor in real operation at DHL.


May: We were selected from over 2000 applicants from 40 countries! The European Innovation Council (EIC) supports the continued development of celluveyor while also recognizing us as one of Europe's most innovative start-ups.


March: We have exceeded the sound barrier of 50 employees.


Become part of the team

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Portrait Marketing-Managerin - cellumation

Theresa Gröninger, Team Lead Marketing