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Intelligent material flow, that unties knots through automated sortation.

In this practical application, the celluveyor is used as a SORTER. Packages are put on the right path by a celluveyor switch. We demonstrate that automation in logistics helps to significantly simplify sorting processes, especially at nodes.

The players

DHL Greven: User

DHL Supply Chain is part of the world’s largest logistics company, Deutsche Post DHL Group. DHL’s logistics center in Greven can sort up to 45,000 parcels per hour. At this centre, a 2.7qm celluveyor SORTER with a sorting capacity of 3,500 parcels per hour has been in operation since August 2020. The two companies have been in close contact since cellumation won the “DHL Innovation Award” in 2016 and successfully implemented a pilot system at the DHL logistics center in Brunswick.

DHL Logo
FS Solutions Logo

FS Solutions: Partner in implementation

FS Solutions GmbH offers comprehensive transport systems for internal goods flows in manufacturing and logistics. As a supplier and integrator of conveyor belts, components, services, and support, the company provides customers with flexible, dependable, and modular solutions. In other words, a “perfect match” for a collaboration with cellumation.

cellumation: Producer

Our goal: In the future, every package delivered worldwide will have touched a cellumation cell. We accomplish this by developing software-driven conveyor technology for complex applications. The hardware is made up of only one component: the cell. Thus, we are infinitely flexible in layout, easy to maintain, and quick to set up.

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The intelligent material flow system celluveyor SORTER in a use case

In this use case, cellumation, in collaboration with the integrator FS Solutions GmbH, installed the so-called “flying switch” for DHL at the Greven logistics center. The project involved the integration of a celluveyor SORTER with upstream and downstream conveyor technology as a retrofit into the existing conveyor technology.

The celluveyor SORTER can distribute objects from any number of inputs (sources / incoming conveyors) to any number of outputs (outgoing conveyors). A 3D camera placed above the celluveyor surface monitors the sorter; packages are detected and dynamically routed to their destination output. Passengers can be any parcels with a length between 150mm and 1,050mm .

Challenge and solution

At the DHL logistics center in Greven, first combining two conveyor lines into one and then distributing parcels again on two conveyor lines created a bottleneck: parcels became jammed and backlogs had to be cleared manually by employees. The problems were solved by using the celluveyor solution. A conveyor new celluveyor line node can handle up to 3500 shipments per hour. When converted, this equates to about 1 package per second.

Machine celluveyor Sorter 2 input - 2 output

Two Inputs


Two Outputs


The sorter is monitored with a 3D camera placed above the celluveyor surface, packets are detected and dynamically routed to their destination output.

“This celluveyor reliably conveys and distributes parcel shipments on a small area of only 2.7qm. In addition to high availability, we valued smooth integration, which cellumation provided with its plug’n’play solution and the resulting very short setup time on one weekend. The existing plant was dismantled on Saturday, the conveyors from FS Solutions and the celluveyor were installed on Sunday, the systems were tested, and the plant went back online on Sunday evening.”

Martin Schäfer

Managing Director, FS Solutions & cellumation Partner

The functionality of the celluveyor SORTER

This celluveyor SORTER is equipped with two inputs and two outputs. Therefore, packages are transported either straight ahead or diagonally, and are detected by two 3D cameras that are overlooking the transportation surface. The first camera determines the package size in the input area, and the second camera ensures that the cells perform a perfectly controlled “package ballet.” The system’s omnidirectional wheels position each package in the way that they exit the celluveyor short side leading (SSL). Even packages turned on the go are aligned by the celluveyor SORTER, which avoids jams in further conveying applications and ensures easier further processing. Thus, the packages can be successfully scanned, and there is no need for a “scanning extra round.” With this smart and highly precise sorting technology, product flow processes can be easily and efficiently optimized and automated.

celluveyor Sorting Machine two Inputs two Outputs

The hexagonal celluveyor cells’ flexible architecture provides for maximum integration flexibility with existing systems. This significantly reduces the system’s planning and implementation times. Changes or extensions to the plant that are market or customer-related can be made quickly and easily without disrupting production. The celluveyor sorter at DHL Greven was integrated with additional FS Solutions components. The infeed and outfeed of parcels or conveyed goods is accomplished using adjacent traditional conveyor technology. The key to success is simplicity: Through digital outputs and inputs, the celluveyor SORTER communicates with existing IT systems. This allows for simple and quick integration.

Through the use of this innovative conveyor technology, DHL is a pioneer in the area of intelligent automation. 

celluveyor Pilotprojekt mit DHL – 2017


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