Automatically find the right orientation

The cv.ROTATE, as a high-performance and flexible rotation unit, ensures a flowing material flow that rotates the objects without interruption.

celluveyor ROTATE

Targeted rotation of individual packages

The cv.ROTATE is a high-performance and flexible rotary unit that nestles into any conveyor system.

The Challenge

Not every package behaves ideally on its way along the conveyor system. Frequent transitions between belts, rollers, curves and diverters cause packages to twist. Canting or wedging of packages on the conveyor can only be solved by manual intervention, which causes unnecessary and costly downtime. Wider conveyors or long alignment sections (inclined conveyors) can help but are not always the perfect solution. Especially when space is at a premium.
In other situations, the accurate rotation of individual packages or the perfect orientation of packages for downstream processes, such as labeling, printing, cutting or scanning, is absolutely essential. Solutions such as rotary stations, stoppers or differential conveyors are either slow, not very gentle on the product, not very flexible or offer low process reliability only.

    The Solution

    The cv.ROTATE is a high performance and flexible rotation unit that fits into any conveyor system. Thanks to the 3D vision system, which detects the posi – tion and orientation of each package, the cv.ROTATE can rotate packages in a predefined orientation (e.g. short or long side leading) regardless of the orientation with which they enter the cv.ROTATE. Furthermore, objects can be rotated individually, which may be necessary for labeling or printing processes. Each cv.ROTATE also includes the ability to center the pack – ages on the conveyor or to align them to the left or right.
    The system can be installed as a standalone unit in existing conveyor systems, so that even without a complex inter – face to a higher-level control system, the cv.ROTATE always ensures order. It thus optimally prepares the objects for subsequent processes, is the best prevention against jammed objects in the conveyor system and guards against reading errors on the barcode scanner.

      The cv.ROTATE is . . .


      Process reliable

      High process reliability due to real-time tracking of objects with the vision system.



      Fast integration in a short time due to pre-assembled components and seamless interface communication.



      No matter how an object enters, it will always be perfectly oriented.



      To keep the material flowing, objects are rotated without interruption.



      At less than 70 decibels, so quiet that your employees won’t need hearing protection.



      Easy maintenance and spare parts storage due to the modular design based on the celluveyor cells.


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