celluveyor GO:
The all-rounder for your conveying system – corner transfer unit, diverter, rotation unit and more

The celluveyor GO is an ideal system for intralogistics applications in the smallest of spaces. Individually assignable motion profiles adapt to your requirements. This allows the cv.GO to be used as a corner conveyor, for example, but it can also divert and much more. It offers an extremely wide range of functions. The compact size in combination with the extensive possibilities through variable motion profiles, can be applied application in many areas of logistics.

Advantages of the cv‍.‍‍GO


Put together your application like a tailor-made suit: Via a simple graphical user interface, you can assemble your function precisely for individual application possibilities.

 Fast Integration

The cv.GO is ready for use within 30 to 60 minutes and fits seamlessly into your conveyor system. A compressed air connection is not required. The cv.GO is 100% electric.

Software-based control

The cv.GO receives the commands through an individual PLC configuration. This allows the technology to perform the functions alternately and sequentially – individually for each object.

 Customized conveyor technology: Individual configuration of functions

With its individually programmable motion profile, by assembling pre-installed speed sets, the cv.GO enables a wide range of applications – as an all-rounder for conveyor technology.

The cv.GO is able to perform all functions in real time individually for each package.

  • Corner transfer (left / right)
  • Discharge, infinitely adjustable 0 – 90° (left / right)
  • Rotation (left / right)
  • Align objects in flow direction
  • Pre-sort left-justified / right-justified
  • Packages do not need to be lifted during implementation.
  • … and much more

Combined speedsets become motion profiles become applications.

Speedset: Each cell of the cv.GO
is assigned a speed and a direction.

Motion profile: A speedset or the combination of several speedsets results in a motion profile with a chronological sequence.

Application: By defining a motion profile, the cv.GO becomes an application.

Even complex or unusual applications are no problem for the cv.GO.

For example, the cv.GO can individually align any conveyed material with a flat, fixed underside, such as a package, enable corner conversion or ejection with alignment in the direction of flow. This would make the cv.GO a space-saving alternative to the 90°-curve in use.

The cv.GO makes it possible to select the function for each object anew. The first one should be rotated, the second one should be moved to the right and the third one should be ejected in a 90°-curve to the right? Once calibrated accordingly, the celluveyor becomes your inconspicuous secret weapon in layout design.

The celluveyor GO is a standard solution, that you can tailor to your application
through your PLC

In every conveyor system there are always places where standard solutions can only be used with workarounds. The cv.GO offers the solution here as an all-rounder with up to eight individually assignable memory locations for specific movement profiles. Each function is freely selectable at any time and can be executed individually for each material to be conveyed. Programming is done by you or your integrator.

Furthermore, the cv.GO is flexibly configurable for your application. The modular design from 4 to 18 cells allows different layouts with a system width from 400 mm to 1,320 mm and a system length from 400 mm to 1,000 mm. This means it can be seamlessly integrated into existing conveyor systems.

The celluveyor GO offers our customers enormous flexibility and thus great savings potential. Layouts can be optimized, efficiency increased, and the conveyed material moved in a way that is gentle on the object.

Juan Vincente Sanchis Nadal

Managing Director, Vector Conveyors

You need an individual motion profile?

You are unsure whether the cv.GO is the right solution for your application?

Then please contact us, the cv.GO can do much more!

Functionality & Capabilities of the cv.GO

celluveyor-GO functionalities

Corner transfer
(left / right)


Rotation (left / right)


– Align objects in flow direction
– Pre-sort left-justified/right-justified


Discharge, infinitely adjustable 0 – 90°
(left / right)

Flexible use

8 individually assignable memory locations enable your individual motion profile – customizable via a graphical user interface.

Fast integration

The cv.GO is ready for use within 30 to 60 minutes and fits seamlessly into your conveyor system.

Software based control

The cv.GO receives its commands through an individual PLC-configuration.


The size of the cv.GO is freely selectable. Depending on the size of the objects, the number of cells can be adjusted.

High performance

The cv.GO conveys precisely and quickly at 1.15 meters per second.

Easy maintenance & spare parts storage

Simplicity is the key – the main component of the
cv.GO is the celluveyor-cell. It can be replaced in less than 5 minutes – even by unskilled mechanics – and your system is ready for use again.

Eligible products

Underground texture Flat, firm base
Minimum size Cell 150 mm: 150 mm x 150 mm
Cell 200 mm: 200 mm x 200 mm
Maximum size corresponds to the size of the
cv.GO-module used
Minimum weight 0.5 kg
Maximum weight 31.5 kg

 Seamlessly adapted: Integration into an existing system

The cv.GO is versatile useable and the individual cells are reusable, the smallest version of the GO requires only 4 cells, this can be extended up to 18 cells. Thus, you choose a system width (possible: 400 mm to 1,320 mm) or a system length (possible: 400 mm to 1,000 mm) to suit your application.

You choose between two cell sizes (150 mm and 200 mm). This influences, for example, the minimum size of the products that can be conveyed (150 x 150 mm or 200 x 200 mm).

The cv.GO can be easily integrated into standard conveyor technology – as a plug’n’play-product, the system is ready for use in 30 to 60 minutes.

The configuration and control is done by you or your integrator. Thus, you have all the freedom of a celluveyor, you can use the system in a variety of ways, you will become independent in the application.

The cv.GO is integrated into the conveyor system without a base frame by means of an installation. In order to be transported on the celluveyor, the object must have a flat base.

Graphic system width and system length - number of celluveyor cells

Significant savings potential
with the cv.GO

While ordering, the spectrum ranges from min. 4 cells to max. 18 cells for the cv.GO. The price is different for each technical specification, therefore the price of the cv.GO varies depending on the version. However, compared to other systems and the multiple applications, costs can be significantly reduced by optimizing layouts and increasing efficiency.




Would you like to learn more about the possible applications of a celluveyor GO?

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