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Modular & intelligent conveyor technology for automation solutions with the smallest footprint. This is what makes our products outstanding. 


From chaotic bulk to sorted material flow


The automatic & powerful layer descrambling system


The all-rounder for your conveyor system
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It's time for a new technical approach.

Thousands of parcels are transported and sorted on several kilometers of conveyor lines per minute in logistics centers around the world. However, in times of booming online trade, returns and same-day delivery, plant layouts with traditional conveyor belts provide far too little flexibility to meet the demands for future-proof, sustainable, and flexible material flow in intralogistics. 

Simultaneously, the flow of goods is at the heart of every logistics center. However, the importance for the future viability of logistics centers was only recognized a few years ago. But now, digitalization is no longer limited to intralogistics. Logistics is evolving. Digitalization, automation, and artificial intelligence are gradually infiltrating the logistics industry, allowing for completely redesigned logistics processes. 


Our celluveyor cells are also commonly known as the “Lego bricks of materials handling technology. And that hits the nail on the head: hexagonal cells can be assembled in any configuration and expanded as needed


The self-developed cells, the celluveyor’s hardware, are brought to life by software. 

This enables multiple passengers on the celluveyor to perform different functions at the same time, as well as conveyor flexibility without changeover times. 



Our system evolves in response to your needs. 

The modularity allows for simple extensions, and our ongoing software development gradually introduces new features. 


We believe in the power of disruptive and beautiful engineering!   

“People with a new idea are considered crackpots until the thing catches on.”

Mark Twain

At cellumation, we think disruptively. We don’t accept it when someone says something can’t be done (that way). We don’t want to incrementally improve technologies or trim them for efficiency; we want to make a difference and demonstrate that a new approach can propel technology to new heights. And that’s inevitable. Since the invention of online retailers, global logistics volumes have increased. We’re noticing that the world around us is changing at an increasing rate. It’s time for logistics to evolve as well, to question the existing, keep what’s working, and create something new. We would like to play our part in this. 

Through the celluveyor, we avoid unnecessary complexity and rigid infrastructure.

We have developed the celluveyor to get rid of unnecessary complexity and rigid automation technology for logistics and production companies. Our new development should enable logistics center operators to flexibly adjust their internal processes at any time according to current and future requirements. 

Our intelligent conveyor system “celluveyor” fulfills this requirement. The product is based entirely on standardized basic elements: the celluveyor cell. These can be combined to form any conveyor layout and can be adapted to specific tasks and objects via software without any special programming knowledge. The connected cells then move the object in any desired direction. They transfer, sort, rotate, sort, merge and much more.  

With us, the robots are upside down.

Since the twentieth century, many people have been fascinated by robots. Whereas they were originally adventure figures in the realm of science fiction, technological progress has enabled the realization of intelligent machines. 

In many people’s minds, robots play the role of actors. The public image has been shaped by Wall-E, R2D2, K.I.T.T from “Knight Rider,” and the T-800. The origins of the celluveyor concept can be traced back to soccer robots. After a computer defeated world chess champion Garri Kasparov in 1996, AI researchers adopted soccer as a standard artificial intelligence problem. A soccer robot, unlike a chess computer, operates in a dynamic environment and must react to unexpected events in real time. Through competitions, the most successful approaches to problem solving should win. This approach resulted in the formation of robot soccer teams at universities all over the world, which developed both software and hardware. And it is in these systems that we find our inspiration: omnidirectional wheels combined with intelligent software can be more than just quick football players. Our founders  turned these robots upside down so that they no longer moved themselves but formed a surface capable of transporting goods over their wheels in a controlled manner. This is the technical foundation of our progress! 

Smallest complexity, greatest flexibility

In summary, we offer the smallest complexity, the most flexibility, the largest reduction of spare parts inventory: only one element and a maintenance concept that internal staff can implement in a few minutes. 

cellumation was founded in 2017 and is a young company. Therefore, we develop our software and the corresponding products for the different use cases modularly and step-by-step. The product range will constantly be expanded and will always be based on the same concept and the celluveyor cell. 


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