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Modular & intelligent conveyor technology for automation solutions with the smallest footprint. This is what makes our products outstanding. 

celluveyor with vision system


The classic celluveyor is equipped with a specially developed vision system that monitors the surface of the cells. It tracks the objects on the celluveyor with the help of 3D cameras. The captured data is processed in the software to ensure the correct orientation of the passengers – In this way, each object reaches its destination quickly and without collision.



The cv.SINGULATE allows complete separation and at the same time perfect orientation on 3 to 5 sqm in five different versions.



The cv.CROSSDOCK enables objects to move seamlessly from any number of inputs to any number of outputs. There are no limits to creativity.


Layer separation

Separate any pallet layers automatically, on less than 3 square meters and on up to three exits – possible up to 5,200 objects per hour.


Forming pallet layers

Our cv.PAL breaks all records in the game of Tetris, achieving layer formation on just 3 sqm, regardless of the required layer pattern.


Merge material streams

The cv.INDUCT is able to feed objects to a second material flow in the correct timing, speed and orientation – offering high layout flexibility.


Targeted rotation

The cv.ROTATE, as a high-performance and flexible rotation unit, ensures a flowing material flow that rotates the objects without interruption.


Last mile sortation

Automated microhubs can significantly change the last mile. Our technology is the best solution to achieve high performance on smallest space.

celluveyor without vision system


The celluveyor GO is a variant of the celluveyor technology that works without a vision system. With up to 16 individually configurable and combinable motion profiles, the cv.GO offers a wide range of application possibilities for a wide variety of applications.


Corner transfer

Precise 90° corner transfer individually for each object, whether shot side or long side leading.



Rotate what needs to be rotated. The cv.GO ensures a reliable flow of material.



The divert angle can be adjusted steplessly and individually.


Curve transfer

More freedom in designing the overall layout. 
90° curve – precise and fast.

Frequently asked questions

Which objects can be conveyed with the celluveyor?

Objects with a flat bottom and dimensions larger than 150 mm x 150 mm – great! We have the capability to transport a wide range of items, and our list continues to expand every day. We can handle packages, bags, pouches, trays, foiled goods, sacks, and most polybags used in e-commerce. If your specific object is not mentioned, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are highly interested in testing new objects and extending the list!

How do I configure a celluveyor?


You don’t. The celluveyor is supplied with the necessary data via the communication interface, including information on the packages and then runs on its own. The system will be delivered pre-assembled and the software is pre-installed. The important thing to remember is that minimum sizes must be adhered to.


Speedsets, motion profiles and applications can be easily defined through a graphical user interface.
The speedset library enables quick configuration for the required application.

What happens if a cell is defective?

Our cells are built to be extremely durable. However, if a cell fails, the neighboring cells will report it as defective, and you will receive an error message. Your technicians can replace a cell with a screwdriver in less than 5 minutes. At the same time, the celluveyor provides six-fold redundancy, which means that the surrounding cells take over and, with the help of the vision system, realign the passengers.

What is the celluveyor's IP classification?

Our cells are IP 54.

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