Internship: From theory into practice

During the future concepts teaching project at the University of Bremen, I worked with cellumation for the first time on the last-mile topic. At that time, I was already interested in the young company and its innovative technology – the celluveyor. So I applied for an internship in the marketing team – with success.

Alex is studying business administration at the University of Bremen and has completed a ten-week internship at cellumation.

Task areas

My field of activity was diverse, so I was able to gain impressions from marketing and sales. In particular, the creation of a customer list for sales and the associated research for target customers was very labor-intensive on the one hand, but on the other hand very important for the company and me. In retrospect, it gave me a good understanding of the target group and personas.
Overall, my focus was on two topics; the preparation for trade fairs, including LogiMAT, LMCL (Last Mile City Logistics) and the Bremen Startup Summit. I was responsible for planning and organizing these events as well as coming up with ideas for advertising materials. I was also part of the the online marketing and thus the website maintenance as well as content creation for the cellumation website in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). I would especially like to emphasize that I had the possibility of working independently. I have independently created 3 pages for the company website.

What I learned

The knowledge I gained about website maintenance and SEO-optimized content creation is of great value to me – also for my professional future. Through the intensive examination, you learn of the know-how and wealth of ideas that are required to successfully design online marketing in practice. At the same time, however, it also becomes clear how important and time-consuming the creation and maintenance of a company website is. Especially in terms of coordinating information and announcing product details on the website, social media and to customers.
For the trade shows, I designed different promotional products such as pens, chocolates packed in product flyers, beer with company branding ( cv.Prost) and beer openers to go with it. Even if many always smile at simple promotional items – I now attach a much greater importance to them. The memory of a product at the booth and thus the company should not be underestimated. However, advertising materials must be well thought out and always designed in the spirit of the brand. Planning always requires time and a lot of thought and should not be decided in a rush.
Another important thing I learned is the organization and planning of trade fairs and employer branding events. Here, you always have to determine the target group of visitors and the advertising materials and other demands of trade fair visitors. This also applies to the trade fair stand and the appearance at the trade fair. I found it interesting that trade fairs are not only suitable for customer acquisition, but also for recruiting new employees. However, this should be clearly coordinated in advance.
LogiMAT 2022 was intended for customer acquisition and product sales. Therefore, it was very important to bring the cv.DEPAL to Stuttgart and demonstrate it there. The transport of the machine but also the booth, team clothing and updated product flyers required a lot of preparation and brainstorming in advance. Thats why I’m especially proud that cellumation had a very successful LogiMAT 2022, and that I contributeted to that.

Working at cellumation

For me, the corporate climate was very pleasant, especially the team welcomed me very warmly. Right on the first day, you get all the necessary work equipment and a powerful laptop. I would also like to praise the possibility of flexible working, the working hours are freely selectable and after consultation you can work in home office at any time. Unfortunately, this is not yet standard at other companies and is therefore a big plus for cellumation.

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