Remote maintenance of conveyor technology

Remote maintenance is the possibility to maintain devices or to get them running again without being on site. More and more companies are offering this, and cellumation also sees considerable advantages in practical use cases. 

How does remote maintenance work in general and at cellumation?

Technically, remote maintenance is enabled by the Internet. Via a VPN connection, through a special module in our system, the device can be checked remotely. 
The prerequisite for this is that the module is connected to the Internet at this time. 
High security standards play an important role here. The connection is established via industrial-grade VPN tunnels. Our specialized employees can then log into the plant via an encrypted SSH key. No other connection options exist in the machines. 

Graphical representation of a remote maintenance

What is so special about remote maintenance of a celluveyor?

In the event of an error, an image of the system is created manually or automatically at that time. We have direct access and can create a complete problem analysis. This contains the information to reconstruct the error situation in Bremen and enables our team of experts to provide a solution. This is then applied to the plant via remote access. As soon as on-site testing is possible, the update is activated in no time at all and the correct functioning of the plant can be checked. And if it doesn’t work right away, you can go straight back to the original status. This ensures minimum downtimes for systems in operation in the event of a malfunction and reduces lengthy travel times. 

What are the advantages of remotely maintained equipment?

Remote maintenance in itself brings many advantages. The direct approach to the user is no longer necessary. This saves time and resources.  
Cause identification is usually very quick. This avoids unnecessary or even stressful downtimes. Our updates can also be applied quickly in a few minutes 
A log file analysis is also possible, as well as a recording of possible error sources (video, codes), these are even carried out by an automatic generation of log files in error situations.  
By regularly checking performance data, potential failures (e.g. heavy load on cells) can be detected at an early stage and countermeasures can be initiated. Even before a failure occurs. Virtually digital celluveyor prophylaxis. 

Are there also disadvantages?

There are no disadvantages, but there are basic requirements for a functioning remote maintenance. This includes a high Internet speed, here a line of at least (50 Mbit/s) is required. If this line fails, remote maintenance is temporarily not possible. 

Remote maintenance, practical example

What does the future hold?

Since we have recognized the enormous advantages that remote maintenance brings, we would like to build on this in the future. We believe it is the future, because everyone benefits. Less travel time, less resource consumption, less effort and lower costs.   
The performance of the machines is permanently monitored, and measures can be initiated before a breakdown occurs (predictive maintenance).  
In Bremen, we keep the delivered celluveyor as a digital twin. This allows us to improve processes in a simulation environment, reproduce and solve potential faults, as well as carry out tests and make precise statements about the behavior of the machine, e.g. under different conditions. In addition, the digital twin provides us with process reliability before we install new software on an integrated celluveyor. 

Dogan Kirhan

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